Saida Chebili

After studying at the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences in Tunis, she obtained her license in law, she then began her master's degree in private law in Paris where she obtained it in 1986. Currently she is president of the First instance tribunal of sousse2 from 6 years.

She also has a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Tax Law, has joined the judiciary in 1988 as a judge at the court of first instance of Bizerte, chaired the prudhomme chamber, the fiscal chamber, the civil chamber, the economic chamber, and the personal status chamber

She worked as a counselor at the Court of Appeal for 6 years and at the Court of Cassation for 3 years, specializes in civil law and tax law, has trained with Unicef ??for three years and became a mediation specialist.

She is also a trainer in human trafficking and the fight against torture and violence against women, was elected by the Tunisian parliament for the organization of the first election of the temporary judicial justice committee.

She also founded with her colleagues from different Arab countries Arab Union of Judges and In 2016 she founded the Tunisian association of women judges. She is the regional director for North Africa, North Europe and Middle East region of the International Association of Women Judges with my colleague Gloria Poatos Matas between 2018 and 2021.

In addition to these associative activities, she participates in several conferences: national, regional and global relating to human rights, humanitarian law, the issue of gender and domestic violence in court management. Ms. Chebili Saida is a magistrate who is deeply convinced of the role of women judges in the establishment of justice and works to improve their working conditions as well as facilitate women's access to justice. In addition to her rich judicial career, she is an accomplished painter.

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