Rawdhah Ariki

Judge with the rank of Chief Justice.
President of the Yemeni Women Judges Forum.

She obtained her BA in 2004 from Sana'a University and specialized in Sharia and law. In 2006 she obtained a diploma in private law. In the year 2009, she passed the master’s degree on a very good note from the Higher Judicial Institute, specializing in Islamic law and Sharia. She prepared a doctoral thesis and obtained it from Al-Manar University in Tunis.

She participated in several training courses, workshops and scientific conferences in the field of human rights, women and children, and in the field of internal and international arbitration, held in several countries, including France, the Netherlands, Jordan and Tunisia.

She has worked in the field of fatwas and legislation, in the Public Prosecution, and as a judge in a court of first instance and head of a court of first instance.

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