Norma Lucía Piña Hernández

Norma Lucia Pina Hernandez has been Justice of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice since December 2015. Prior to this appointment she was in charge of several responsibilities within the judicial career, among which the following stand out: District Judge and Circuit Magistrate.

She is a career judge, an occupation that is evident in her rulings and opinions. Her dissenting votes are set with a strong defense of human rights, particularly women’s rights, environmental protection, children’s rights, speech freedom, the right to education and the rights of disabled persons.

In 2019 she was commissioned as head of the Gender Equality Office of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice. Under her direction, this Office created the first Consultation Council of the Supreme Court, as a specialized forum integrated by a diversity of sectors –the academy, civil society, international agencies– aimed at building up, within the Judiciary Power, a policy of institutionalization of the gender perspective in open dialogue with all parts, national and international, involved in this matter.

Such work stood out, in first place, by the determination not only to implement training and specialization programs related to gender issues, but particularly by the encouragement of mechanisms for evaluating the results of these projects. Additionally, the Office focused its efforts on encouraging multidisciplinary analysis groups concerned with the fundamental debates related to gender issues. Facing the confinement due to the CoviD-19 pandemic, video recordings were implemented on gender-related interactions, as well as mental health related with a gender outlook. Justice Piña’s work as head of the Office concluded in 2020.

On an international level, she presides over the Permanent Commission on Gender and Access to Justice of the Ibero-American Judicial Summit, which focuses on the design and research of tools that encourage gender perspective policies within the judicial authorities from the countries within the region.

Besides, she acts as General Coordinator of the Mexican Chapter of the International Association of Women Judges, an organization that assembles judges from 82 countries and world regions, creating a wide global network devoted to the worldwide exchange of judicial experiences.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that, with the objective of establishing a dialogue with sectors different from the judicial, since 2020 Justice Piña has published opinion articles in Excélsior, one of Mexico’s leading newspapers. Among her most widely known op-eds are: Somos el corazón de las que ya no laten (We are the heart of those that cannot longer beat, ¿Planeas embarazarte pronto? (Are you planning to get pregnant soon?), and Sí a las acciones positivas a favor de las mujeres (Yes to positive actions in favor of women).

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