Nafisa Kabuli

My name is Nafisa Kabuli. I was born in 1960 in the Kabul province of Afghanistan. I graduated from Zarghona high school and I received my bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Sharia at Kabul University. I am currently working as a woman Judge at the Court of Appeals of the Judicial and Anti-Corruption Center. I have been a judge for almost more than thirty years in various courts in Afghanistan including the Court of Public Security and Crimes against Internal and External Security, Drug Court, Central Appeal of the Civil Court of Public Rights, Kabul Province Court of General Criminal, Public Security Court of Balkh Province, and many more. Besides being a judge, I am the Chairman of the Afghan women judges association, founder of Rights and Children Research Foundation (RCRF), member of the board of directors of Foundation for Culture and Civil Society of Afghanistan, and research member of some judicial Institutions in Afghanistan too and have attended several national and international seminars and workshops in some foreign countries - (the United States in 2002), (the United States in 2006), (Italy, Morocco, and Egypt in 2008), (the United States in 2008 and meet with her excellency Hilary Clinton at the White House), (South Korea in 2010). During these years, I have served with dedication to upholding the Rule of Law - through with difficulty and challenges at many turns.  

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