Margarita Beatriz Luna Ramos

THE RETIRED JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE NATION. Her career in the Federal Judicial Branch extends over almost 44 years. She has held all the positions on the ladder of the Judicial Career. From February 19, 2004, to February 18, 2019, she was part of Mexico's de highest constitutional court. A pioneer in various areas of the Mexican legal system. She was the first woman president of the Association of Law Clerks of de SCJN (1985) and the first women to preside over a national meeting of District Judges (1992). She was also the first woman judge in electoral matters (1994), and de first woman member of de Federal Judiciary Council appointed through examination (2003).

She was the founder and president of the Gender Equality Committee of the Federal Judicial Branch (2008), President of the Supreme Court Gender Equality Committee (2015-2018), President of the Gender and Access to Justice Commission of the Ibero-American Judicial Summit (2017), IAWJ Latin America and Caribbean Delegate (2015) and Vice President of the International Association of Women Judges (as of 2018).

A tireless scholar of the law, she has completed many diplomas and seminars, including after having been appointed District Judge, on a large variety of topics, such as foreign trade (1996), U.S. law (1997), economic competition (2000) and international commercial arbitration (2000).


She is currently the General Director of the Institute of Specialization of the TJACDMX and Counsel (a Key asset) of Von Wobeser y Sierra, strengthening its Alternative Dispute Resolution practice (Arbitration)


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