Maria Jimena Monsalve is judge of the Juzgado Nacional de Ejecucion N0 5, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1972, she is 48 years old.

She is a member of AMJA –Asociación de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina-, and also she is the President of AAJEP -Asociación Argentina de la Justicia de Ejecución Penal- y and Secretary of AATJ “Asociación Argentina de Justicia Terapéutica”. She coordinates the Comisión del Ejecución Penal”, at the Asociación de Magistrados y Funcionarios de la Justicia Nacional.

She graduated at the Universidad de Buenos Aires as a lawyer and has a postgraduate degree as Especialista en Derecho Penal y Ciencias Penales, at USAL University.

She teaches at several universities, such as USAL, UMSA, Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, UFLO and UAI. She also codirect a postgraduate course, “Diplomatura en Ejecución Penal y Asuntos Penitenciarios”, at the Universidad de Mendoza.

She’ve been working in different federal courts for more than 28 years. She started her carreer at the Cámara Federal de Apelaciones de San Martín. Then she worked at the Fiscalía Federal en lo Criminal y Correccional N° 11, Fiscalía N° 2 ante la Cámara Federal de Casación Penal and finally, she stayed for 20 years in different positions at the Cámara Federal de Casación Penal, the superior penal federal court of Argentina, until 2014, when she was named judge.

She is author of several pieces. She wrote about the “Ley Nacional de Ejecución Penal” from Argentina and the “Ley de Ejecución Penal” from México. She also published articles about alternatives to incarceration, Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ), Mental Health in prisions and vulnerable groups. She also co directs “Miradas Interdisciplinarias de la Ejecución Penal I”, the second volumen is beeing printed at the moment.    

She is part of the OEA-CICAD’s Gender Program for Penal Justice. She also rules in her court the “Programme of Therapeutic Jurisprudence-TTD for drug abusers who commited crimes” since 2018, the first one in Argentina of this kind.

She gave numerous presentations and lectures, at the Encuentros Nacionales e Internacionales de la Justicia de Ejecución Penal, the V International Congress of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, the Mandela Rules Campaign in Argentina, at the Congreso Nacional sobre Ejecución Penal, Universidad de Buenos Aires y and lectures and training at the Centro Nuñez, from Córdoba, Juan Bautista Alberdi, from Entre Ríos and Colegio de Magistrados del Chaco y de La Pampa. Also, she offered several presentations in AMJA’s events.

She was honoured by the Honorable Senado de la Nación Argentina with the “Diploma de Honor en reconocimiento por el invalorable aporte al tratamiento de la drogodependencia”.


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