Lillian McLellan

Lillian is a judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta, Canada, and was appointed a judge in 2004, Assistant Chief Judge of Calgary Family and Youth Court in 2012 and Deputy Chief Judge in 2014, for a 7-year term, recently ended. Prior to appointment she was a lawyer for 23 years. Lillian began practice in southern Alberta when there were few women lawyers in the area. Lillian is married to a Provincial Court Judge, with 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren.

As part of her work, Lillian chaired the Judicial Education Committee and was a member of the Indigenous Committee of the Provincial Court Chief and Council. Judicial education is one of the priorities in the court’s Strategic Plan. The Indigenous Committee’s mandate is to improve the justice system for Indigenous peoples and involves a number of judges from around the province including Indigenous and Metis judges. The Committee shares information, considers the Calls to Action in the reports from the Truth and Reconciliation, and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls National Inquiries, and works on initiatives. Lillian is also on the Steering Committee for development of the Calgary Indigenous Court opened September 2019 and will speak to various indigenous justice initiatives in the province.

 As a judge Lillian has been an educational speaker at the Alberta Provincial Court Judges’ Association, at the Legal Education Society of Alberta and for other groups and associations.

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