Laura Altamiranda

  • Justice (as from 2009), currently President of Oral Criminal Court No. 6 (Tribunal Oral Criminal No.6), Lomas de Zamora District, Buenos Aire
  • Lawyer, graduated at the School of Law, National University of La Plata (1992)
  • Specialist in Economic Criminal Law, Universidad Notarial Argentina (1995)
  • Graduate Diploma in Constitutional Law in Depth, Universidad Austral, Argentina (2019).
  • Diploma in Equality and Woman Empowerment, Fundación General Universidad Salamanca, Spain (2020).
  • MA in Judicature and Judicial Law, Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020)
  • Teacher of Constitutional Law and Human Rights at the Police Academy,Buenos Aires, Argentina (2018)
  • Trainer, Women’s Office, at the National Supreme Court of Justice, on Gender Perspective and Domestic Violence (2015), Gender Violence Markers and Due Judicial Procedure. Training to replicate protocols (2017).
  • Member of the Asociación de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina (AMJA), as from 2009. Treasurer, as from 2015. Active member as organizer and coordinator of programs and conferences.
  • Director of the Law and Gender Institute, Magistrates and Officers’ Association, La Plata Judicial District (2012)
  • Member of the Forum for Justice, Gender and Inclusion at the National Commission of Justice and Peace, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Argentina (2019).
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