Jawahar Hassan Salman Jabbour

Jawahar Hassan Salman Jabbour PhD in Criminal Law. Assistant to the Public Prosecutor of the Greater Criminal Court of Amman, Jordan, and a Public Prosecutor in the same Court. Member of the International Association of Judges and member of the Legal Network for Women. First Judge of the Court of First Instance. The first lady will do the judge's role in uncovering crimes.

The court is competent for murder, rape, defamation, and criminal abduction. In the cases of assault on women, she has participated in this role in conferences and internal and external sessions in the crimes of human trafficking, terrorism and violence against women.

She was appointed to the judiciary in 2005 at the Amman Magistrate's Court and then a judge in the Southern Amman Court of First Instance, then a judge in the Criminal Court, then Assistant to the Deputy General of Amman.

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