Hassan bin Lahdan Alhassan Almohanadi

His Right Honour. Dr. Hassan bin Lahdan Alhassan Almohanadi has been appointed as a President of the Court of Cassation and President of the Supreme Judiciary Council on 5th November 2018.
HR.t. Hon. Dr. Almohanadi, is holding PhD. In Law from Hampton University – United Kingdom. Married and has four sons.
His Career
- 1989 Joined the judicial profession as an assistant judge till 1992 Elevated to a judge at Qatari courts.
- 1998 Assigned as a president of a full criminal circuit at the court of First Instant.
- 2001 Seconded to be director of the Legislation Directorate at the General Secretariat of the Government Cabinet.
- 2002 Appointed as a director to the Legal Affairs Directorate at the Head of State office (Diwan Emiri).
- 2005 Promoted to be Head of State Office (Diwan Emiri) Undersecretary for Legal Affairs.
- 2013 Appointed as a minister of Justice; where he further assigned in 2017 as acting State Minister for government cabinet affairs.
Landmark Career Achievements
- Incumbent President of the Second High Level Meeting of the Global Judicial Integrity Network.
- 2011 Dr. Almohanadi has supervised the establishment of the directorate of Legislation at the General Secretariat of the Government Cabinet, where he led the process of laying down a significant number of legislations.
- Member with the National Committee for regulating the national legislations with the permanent constitution of the State of Qatar.
- He supervised and developed specialized judicial and legal capacity building programs, dedicated for judges, prosecutors, judicial officers, lawyers, civil servant and legal expertise within the State of Qatar.
- Leading Qatar’s legal and judicial documentation digitalization transformational project in parallel with the framework of the state of Qatar pioneered e-government networking system.
- Dr. Almohanadi seconded as visiting professor to Qatar’s University school of law

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