Hanen Charaoui

Al-Qadit / Hanban Abdel Aziz Ali Al-Shaarawy
President of the Appeal Court of the Court of Appeal of the Abraham (Dar Al-Qadha Al-Abli)

- She took over the judiciary in several family courts and headed one of the partial departments of the civil judiciary
- Graduated in the judicial positions of the Administrative Prosecution Authority
- Delegated to the Technical Inspection Department of the Administrative Prosecution Authority
- She participated in many national and international conferences on human rights, women's issues, family legislation, successful electronic justice and legislative reform, which were held in Egypt, Italy, Tunisia and Morocco.
- Member of the Committee for Amendments to the Personal Status Law of the General Union of Egyptian Women
- She is a member of many legal, human rights, national and regional societies
- Has a master's degree in law and Islamic studies and has many papers and scientific research

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