Germana Moraes

GERMANA DE OLIVEIRA MORAES is an expert of the United Nations “Harmony with Nature” Knowledge Network. In Brazil, she spearheaded aCooperation Agreement signed between The Federal Justice Council (CJF) and the Federal Universities of Ceará(UFC), Goiás(UFG)and Santa Catarina(UFSC)to provide technical supporttothat UNProgram.She is a Federal Judge. Professor Emeritus and full professor of Constitutional Law at UFC, where she developsstudies and conductsresearch on Rights of Mother Earth, Water Lawand Well Living. She has Doctorate degree in Legal-Political Science from the University of Lisbon (1998) and Post-Doctoral Degree, in Brazil, in Socio EnviromentalLaw (Pachamama's rights and Well Living) from PUC/PR (2011-2013) and in Human Rights, Democracy and International Orderfrom PUC/RJ(2016-2018) (Harmony with Nature and Rights of Pachamama). Specialization (LL.M) in Woman Anthropology, Minas Gerais (2009).Neuroscience Specialization (LL.M) student in Cearál (2019-2021).She has experiencein the areas of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Human Rigths, Training of judges and Rigths of Nature. She practices in these areas and has written and published books/articles in Brazil and abroad on the referred issues.She was representative inLatin America of theInternational Association of Women Judges (2006-2008;2012-2014).

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