Fatima Abdulla Al-Mal

Master Degree in Public Law | Qatar University 2016 – 2017 GPA 4.00 First on Class.
Bachelor Degree in Law | Qatar University 2007 – 2011 GPA 3.85 of 4.

* Criminal Judge | Supreme Judiciary Council 2015 – PRESENT
Specialized in criminal cases such as murder, robbery, drugs, rape and terrorism. In addition, performs a variety of tasks such as listen to witness testimonies and listen to the lawyer’s pleading, informed the defendants of their rights and rules on the tolerability of evidence. Writes off the final judgements of such cases.
* Judge Assistant | Supreme Judiciary Council 2012 – 2015
Assist the judges in different fields of cases such as civil, criminal, family, labor and administrative.
* Legal Researcher| Qatar Financial Market Authority 2011 – 2012
View the legality of the companies that propose to enter the Qatari’s stock market.

Participated in the second meeting for the network of the Judicial Integrity with a paper on the experience of female judge in Qatar in a discussion panel discussing the balance in the judicial sector in enhancing the judicial integrity. (February 2020) ? Participated as a Guest of Honor in a discussion panel in Qatar University about “The Crime in Qatar”. (November 2019) ? Participated in the 6th election of Central Municipal Council as head of committee. (April 2019) ? Participated in the 8th Conference regarding “The international Humanitarian Law” (Kuwait) March 2019 ? Joined the course of “The Organized crime and terrorism” (Ankara, Turkey) April 2018 ? Attended a Workshop of “Combating Collusion in Tenders” (Doha, Qatar) October 2015 ? 2015: First place academically on the compulsory training course for Judge Assistances. ? 2015: Best research award in the compulsory training course for Judge Assistances. ? Joined the workshop of “the role of Arabs legal institutions in the development of the judiciary” (Kuwait) April 2014 ? Joined the workshop of “enforcing the Qatari code of anti-human trafficking” (Law No. 15 of 2011). (Doha, Qatar) 5-6 March 2013 ? Attended the course of “English for meeting and negotiations”. (Doha, Qatar) 8 December 2012 ? Joined the “compulsory training course for legal” by the legal and judicial studies center at the ministry of justice and got the first place on both academic and research level. (Doha, Qatar) 10 October 2011 till 9 October 2012 ? Attended the course of “IT for the court and justice” (Doha, Qatar) 17-28 June 2012 ? 2012: First place academically on the compulsory training course for new legal. ? 2012: Best research award in the compulsory training course for new legal. ? Attended the course of “The art of reading budget and financial reports”. (Doha, Qatar) 25-29 December 2011 ? Joined the course of the “5 most important skills for professional workers”. (Doha, Qatar) 23-27 October 2011 ? Joined a Course in “French Language by the French culture center”. (Doha, Qatar) 3-28 July 2011 ? Attended the “AIPN international conference: the Middle East and Global energy - A fresh perspective”. (Doha, Qatar) 26-29 September 2010 ? Attended the “investing Seminar for beginners in the Qatar exchange: What makes stock prices fluctuate.” (Doha, Qatar) 22 November 2009 ? 2007-2011: Dean's list student for every semester in university. ? 2007-2011: Vice president List student at Qatar University. ? Honored by Sheikh Tamim on 2007 as one of the best graduates in Doha from high school

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