Annah Raisibe Mathiba

The Honourable Justice Annah Raisibe Mathiba is a Judge of the Industrial Court of the Republic of Botswana with 30 years of experience on the bench. Justice Mathiba   holds a Master of Laws degree from the University College of London, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Botswana.

Justice Mathiba began her career as judicial officer in August 1991 at Magistrate Grade 1 level and rose to the rank of Regional Magistrate in 2004 thus becoming the first woman in Botswana to occupy this position in the Magistracy.

 In her distinguished career as a judicial officer, Justice Mathiba has presided over a wide range of legal issues such as adoption of children, corruption, extradition and those in her current arena, labour law.

 Justice Mathiba is a Judicial Trainer and fellow of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute and has been trained and also facilitated training in several areas of the law, that include: Human Trafficking, Environmental law, Refugee Law, Equality and Gender Law and she continues organising and facilitating training seminars for Judges and Magistrates.

 Justice Mathiba is a founding Trustee and Chairperson of The Health1stFoundation, which is a not for profit organisation that offers free medical screening, education and intervention to the elderly community of Botswana.

 Justice Mathiba has presented several papers on the rights of women and children both locally and internationally. She has also made presentations on dismissals based on an employee’s HIV/AIDS status, Gender and Discrimination as well as on the use of International Labour Standards by courts at training seminars organised by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation based in Turin, Italy. Further, Justice Mathiba has published some of her judgments in the Compendium of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) judgments for use by courts in the ILO constituent countries.

 In strengthening her public service credentials , Justice Mathiba has, amongst others, completed courses on project planning in the public service in Stockholm, Sweden, Office Administration & Management for Magistrates at the Institute of Development Management (IDM) , the Advanced Civil Course for Magistrates from the Justice College in Pretoria and certificate in concilliation and mediation from the ITC/ILO, Turin, Italy.

 In the area of human trafficking, Hon Mathiba, has planned and facilated three training seminars with the assistance of UNODC and the Ministry of Defence Justice and Security. The training has covered all magistrates and judges of Botswana. In December 2019, she was amongst African women judges invited to the Vatican, Rome, by the Pope in order to share expertise on anti human trafficking. Her interest also spreads to the training of judges all over the world and she recently organised a webinar on Digital Justice, a first in the country and this involved Judges from Trinidad/Tobago, Pakistan, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Botswana.

 She currently coordinates at 21/2 years study on the rights of the LGBTI in Botswana, whose aims are to produce graduate lawyers who are human rights driven as well as empowering judicial officers on the rights of this vulnerable group.

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