Anisa Rasooli

Judge Anisa Rasooli is a Senior member of the Afghan Judiciary. A graduate of Kabul University, she holds degrees in Law and Political Science, a Masters in Criminal Justice and completed the Judicial Special Course mandated by the Supreme Court. She began her career in the criminal division of the Afghan High Court and then became a judge in the Kabul Public Security Court. Like all women judges she was removed from the judiciary by the Taliban in 1996. During this period, she founded a school for girls. After reinstatement she became head of the Kabul Juvenile Court, later was name head of the Juvenile Appellate Court. This was followed by her appointment as head of the Appellate Court’s division for serious crimes of corruption. Currently, she serves as a judicial advisor to the Afghan Supreme Court for nonviolent offenders.

In addition to her judicial duties, she lectures and teaches Afghan Constitutional Law, women’s rights in Islam, juvenile justice, international human rights, family law, inheritance law and fair punishment. She has served as head and deputy head of the Afghan Women Judges Association and was instrumental in producing the First Afghan Women Judges Conference in Kabul in 2007. She serves on a commission to draft a new criminal code and continues to participate in criminal reform work. Of special note she was the first woman to be appointed as a candidate to the Afghan Supreme Council, the country’s highest judicial position.

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