We are pleased to present the program for the 2021 IAWJ Meeting. 

Virtual Platform

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Les coordonnées suivantes
FAQ - Dari
FAQ - Arabic


The plenary sessions were interpreted live simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Dari and Arabic. The recordings in all those languages will be available (to delegates only) on the conference platform until the end of 2021.

The parallel sessions were conducted in one langauge to facilitate discussion (as marked on the programme). The recording will be available on conference platform until the end of 2021. The recording will be interpreted after the conference and the interpreted versions of the sessions will be uploaded to the conference platform within a month of the conference and available (to delegates only) on that platform until the end of 2021.

Friday 7 May 

08:00 ‐ 10:00 Regional Meetings (virtual only): 
North America (no interpretation)
Latin America and Caribbean (French / Spanish / English interpretation)
09:10 Coach departs Cordis
09:45 - 11:45 Pōhiri (Welcome) 

Further information available here:
11:45 ‐ 13:45 Lunch
13:45 ‐ 15:15 Indigenous Issues in New Zealand  
Moderator: Hon. Caren Fox

Deputy Chief Judge of the Māori Land Court
Welcome to the Conference
Hon. Sharon Hawke
Ngāti Whātua
Crown obligations to indigenous peoples

Hon. Heemi Taumaunu
Chief District Court Judge, Te Ao Mārama
Transformative justice model for the New Zealand District Court
15:15 - 15:45 Afternoon tea
15:45 - 16:55 Associate Professor Claire Charters
University of Auckland
The Treaty of Waitangi, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples and indigenous constitutional issues in New Zealand

Panel discussion

16:55  Closing and farewell
18:30 ‐ 20:30 Regional Meetings (virtual only):
Asia / Pacific (English / Dari interpretation)
20:30 - 22:30 Regional Meetings (virtual only):
Europe / Middle East / North Africa (English / Arabic / Spanish interpretation)
Africa (English / French interpretation)

Please note: Attendance for the Regional Meetings will be virtual for all registration types.

Saturday 8 May

06:00 ‐ 07:30 Welcome: Hon. Mary O'Dwyer (New Zealand)
President of Te Kāhui Kaiwhakawā Wāhine o Aotearoa/New Zealand Association of Women Judges (NZAWJ) 

Roll call of nations

Presentations of Arline Pacht Global Vision Awards (Hon. Vanessa Ruiz)
Awardees: Hon Gita Mittal (India) and Hon Margarita Luna Ramos (Mexico)

Presentation of Human Rights Award (Hon. Susan Glazebrook)
Awardee: Dame Silvia Cartwright (New Zealand)

IAWJ President's Address: Hon. Vanessa Ruiz

Announcement of International Day of Women Judges (10 March):

Hon. Vanessa Ruiz (USA)
Amb. H E Alya Ahmed Saif A Al-Thani (Qatar)
Hon. Hassan bin Lahdan Alhassan Almohanadi (Qatar)
Hon. Fatima Almal (Qatar)
Roberta Solis, Global Judicial Integrity Network and 
Marco Teixeira, Program Officer, Global Program for Implementation of Doha Declaration
07:30 - 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ‐ 08:50 Inspirational Young New Zealanders
Moderator: Hon. Lope Ginnen (New Zealand)

Grace Stratton (New Zealand): Reframing Disability as a Catalyst for Change
Pita Roycroft (New Zealand): Identity: the Impact of Female Role Models
Sarah Ather (New Zealand): Pre and Post March 15: Shifting Perspectives?
Fili Fepulea’i-Tapua’I (New Zealand): Climate Change
08:50 - 09:00 Presentations of Special Awards for Service to the IAWJ
Moderator: Hon. Christine French (New Zealand)

Hon. Jane Matthews (Australia), Hon. Robyn Tupman to accept on her behalf 
Hon. Regina Sagu (Papua New Guinea), Hon. Tracy Ganaii to accept on her behalf
09:00 - 10:30

09:00 - 11:00

09:00 - 10:30
Women Judges on Final Courts
Moderator: Hon. Christine French (New Zealand)

Conversation with Hon. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka 
Excecutive Director of UN Women
"The role of judges in advancing de jure equality"

Hon. Chief Justice Meaza Ashenafi, President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia
Hon. Sutatip Yuthayotin, Judge of the Office of the President of the Supreme Court (Thailand)
Hon. Norma Lucía Piña Hernandez and Hon. Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, Justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation  (Mexico)
Hon. Virginia Bell, Former Justice of the High Court of Australia
Hon. Kudirat Kerekere-Ekun, Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria

Parallel Sessions: 
A. Diversity, access to justice and outreach (English and virtual only)

Moderator: Hon. Tamila Ipema (USA)
Rapporteur: Hon. Julie Thorburn (Canada)

Hon. Bernadette D'Souza (USA): Access to justice
Hon. Michelle Christopher and Hon. Mara Greene (Canada): Indigenous courts
Hon. Blair Edwards (USA): Juvenile Court systems
Hon. Lucy McSweeney (Canada): Challenges of sexual orientation
Hon. Paula Blake Powell (Jamaica): Community outreach
Hon. Catrina Braid (Canada) and Hon. Helen Whitener (USA): Inspiring diversity in the courts
Hon. Patricia Broderick (USA): Diversity and disability

B. Equality and access to justice (Spanish and virtual only)
Moderator: Hon. Esther Agelán (Dominican Republic)
Rapporteur: Hon. Rocío Córdova (Ecuador) 

Hon. Gloria Poyatos Matas (Spain): Equality Program for Youth
Hon. Claudia Escobar Mejía (Guatemala): Access to justice
Hon. Carmen Delgado Echevarria (Spain): Equality issues
Hon. Patricia Rodríguez Torres (Colombia): Women’s experiences in the judiciary over last 20 years
Hon. Marisol Castañeda Pérez (Mexico): Equality issues in Mexico
Hon. Laura Maria Altamiranda (Argentina): Issues of consent

10:30 ‐ 11:00 Morning tea
10:30 - 12:30

Judges and human rights (Arabic and virtual only)
Moderator: Hon. Mina Sougrati (Morocco)
Rapporteurs: Hon. Sarah Elhaiba (Morocco) and Hon. Balkiss Ouquail (Morocco) 

Hon. Saida Chebili (Tunisia):
The role of women judges’ associations in the enhancement of the rights of women and men
Hon. Hanen Elcharaoui (Egypt):
Stages in the accession of women to the magistracy in Egypt

Hon. Aida Ahmed Bayou (Libya): Gender perspective on reforms to the police

Hon. Salima Rouhi (Morocco): Violence towards women during the lockdown and the state of emergency
Hon. Jaouaher Jebour (Jordan): Impact of the presence of women in Parliment and elected councils on the condition of women in general
Hon. Raoudha Ariki (Yemen): Effect of war on human rights

Hon. Rabaa Al-Zreqat (Syria): Access to justice
Hon. Aisha Hassen Al-Emadi (Qatar): A Qatari judge: reality and prospects

11:00 ‐ 12:30 Indigenous Women
Moderator: Hon. La-Verne King (New Zealand)

Keynote Address by Associate Professor Val Napoleon 
University of Victoria, British Columbia 
“Imagining beyond Diversity: Indigeneity and gender”

Hon. Sharon Otene (New Zealand): Waitangi Tribunal and indigenous women
Hon. Lillian McLellan (Canada): Indigenous justice in Alberta
Hon. Fleur Kingham (Australia): Effect of environmental laws on indigenous women
Hon. Irina Graciela Cervantes Bravo (Mexico): Protection for indigenous groups
12:30 ‐ 13:15 Lunch
13:15 ‐ 15:00 Alternative Courts
Moderator: Hon. Judge John Walker (New Zealand)

Hon. Syed Mansoor Ali Shah (Pakistan): Gender policies introduced in the judicial system
Hon. Marlo Malagar (Philippines): Women in Custody and Alternatives
Hon. Pauline Spencer (Australia): Therapeutic justice
Hon. Denise Clark (New Zealand): Rangatahi courts in New Zealand
Hon. Jane McMeeken (New Zealand): Youth Drug Court
Hon. Rosella Papalii (Samoa): Drug Courts in a small jurisdiction
15:00 ‐ 15:30 Afternoon Tea
15:30 - 16:15 Afghanistan
Moderator: Hon. Susan Glazebrook (New Zealand)

Hon. Patricia Whalen (USA):

Hon. Anisa Rasooli (Afghanistan): Human Rights and Leadership
Hon. Nafisa Kabuli (Afghanistan): Everyday Life for a Woman Afghan Judge, Fears & Hopes

Presentation of Special Awards (Hon. Vanessa Ruiz)
Awardees: Hon. Fazia Herawi and Hon. Qadria Yashini
16:15 - 17:30 COVID 19
Moderator: Justice Susan Glazebrook (New Zealand)

Keynote: Facilitated discussion between 
Rt Hon Helen Clark,
Co-Chair of WHO Pandemic Preparedness and Response Committee, and Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles, University of Auckland

Hon. Emily L San Gaspar-Gito (Philippines): Families and Covid
Hon. Dr Hongyu Shen (China): Courts and Covid
Hon. Ayesha Malik (Pakistan): Lessons Learned from Covid
17:30 - 19:30 Parallel Sessions:

A. Indigenous, customary and alternative justice (English and virtual only)

Moderator: Hon Maria Theresa V. Mendoza Arcega (Philippines) 
Rapporteur: Hon. Alice W Macharia (Kenya)

Hon. Yi-Ju Hu (Chinese Taipei):
Indigenous tradition and modern law
Hon. Greg Davis (New Zealand): Matariki Court
Hon. Carolyn Henwood and Hon. Alayne Wills (New Zealand): Rangatahi Court initiative
Hon. Talasa Atoa-Saaga (Samoa): Cultural approaches to domestic violence
Hon. Viran Melissa Trief (Vanuatu):
Access to justice for domestic violence victims

B. Vulnerable groups (English and virtual only)

Moderator: Hon Janet Nosworthy (Jamaica) 
Rapporteur: Hon. Rebecca A Guillen-Ubaña (Philippines) 

Hon. Christine Njagi (Kenya): Effect of climate change on the vulnerable
Hon. Joaquine Antoinette de Mello (Tanzania): Child marriage declared unconstitutional
Hon. Seonhwa Kim (South Korea): Disability and indirect discrimination
Hon. Elizabeth Macharia-Mokabi (Botswana): Decriminalisation of same sex relationships: Botswana and Kenya contrasted
Hon. Annah Mathiba (Botswana): Managing a project during the pandemic: Botswana's experience

C. Justice Sector Issues (English and virtual only)
Moderator: Hon. Sanji Monageng (Botswana)
Rapporteur: Hon. Maria Belinda Crisostomo-Rama (Philippines) 

Hon. Elizabeth McMahon (UK): Enabling Tribunal
Hon. Magdalena Arczewska (Poland): Motherhood in prison
Hon. Agnes Murgor (Kenya): Outreach
Hon. Ummey Sharaban Tahura (Bangladesh): Legal Aid
Hon. Roselyn Nambuye (Kenya): Land rights in Kenya
Hon. Grace Leban (Marshall Islands): Land Entitlement Court in the Marshall Islands
19:30 - 23:00 Gala Dinner (In person only)

Sunday 9 May

06:00 - 07:30

The IAWJ: Driven By Its Mission, Empowered by Its Members, Focused on Its Future.

Membership Update and Introduction of the New Board by President:
Hon. Vanessa Ruiz
Report of Board of Managerial Trustees: Hon. Ann Walsh Bradley, Chair
Report of Executive Director:
 Christie Jones
IAWJ Staff Project Updates: Anne Goldstein, Nancy Hendry, Jane Charles Voltaire, Audrey Cavaness
Swearing in and Address by New President: Hon. Susan Glazebrook
Invitation to Marrakesh Conference 2023: Hon. Mina Sougrati
07:30 ‐ 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ‐ 09:30 Judicial Leadership
Moderator: Hon. Judge Mary O'Dwyer (New Zealand)

Panellists (Faciliated conversation):
Baroness Brenda Hale, Former President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Hon. Helen Winkelmann, Chief Justice of New Zealand
Hon. Irene Mambilima, Chief Justice of Zambia
Hon. Mandisa Maya, President of the Supreme Court of South Africa
Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby, Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals (USA)
09:30 ‐ 11:15 Women and the World
Moderator: Hon. Robyn Tupman (Australia)

Keynote: Facilitated conversation between
Prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein, former UN Commissioner of Human Rights and Marietta Robinson (USA)

Hon. Margarita Rios Farjat and Hon. Margarita Luna Ramos (Mexico): Judging with a gender perspective in Mexico
Hon. Janet Tello Gilardi (Peru): Judges as agents of change
Hon. Mohiro Paule Richmonde (Cote d’Ivoire): Sexual violence against children
Hon. Nancy Hendry and Hon. Margaret McKeown (USA): The #MeToo movement and the judiciary

Parallel Session: Equality and gender (Spanish and virtual only)
Moderator: Amb. Mari Carmen Aponte (USA)
Rapporteur: Professor Cecilia Palomo Caudillo (Mexico) 


Hon. Karina Yenny Manrique Gamarra (Peru): Experiences of changing name of LGBTQI people
Hon. María Jimena Monsalve (Argentina): Trans women in prison
Hon. Martha Altabe (Argentina): Protection of Indigenous people in Argentina
Hon. Jovita Alicia Rojas De Boroletto (Paraguay): Recognition of indigenous Peoples in the Preamble to the Constitution 
Hon. Viviana Karina Kalafatizch (Argentina): Gender violence and indigenous women
11:15 ‐ 11:45 Morning Tea
11:45 ‐ 13:15 Refugees / Trafficking
Moderator: Professor Penelope Matthew (New Zealand)

Keynote Address by Professor James C. Hathaway (USA)
University of Michigan
"Women in search of protection: Refugee convention"

Hon. Maria Gavilán Rubio (Spain): Trafficking
Hon. Hellen Onkwani (Kenya): Trafficking, both sexual and labour
Hon. Sapana Malla (Nepal): Trafficking issues for Nepal
Hon. Grecia Norceus (Haiti): Trafficking
13:15 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:45 Climate Change
Moderator: Hon. Melanie Harland (New Zealand)

Keynote Address by Hon. Mary Robinson
Chair Elders UN 
"Women and climate change"

Hon. Fatema Jahan Sharna (Bangladesh): Climate change and women
Hon. Nicole Pain and Hon. Rachel Pepper (Australia): Climate change litigation challenges
Hon. Teresita Asuncion M Lacandula Rodríguez (Philippines): Environmental mediation
Hon. Christian Whata (New Zealand): Māori and the environment
Hon. Germana de Oliveira Moraes (Brazil): UN Harmony in Nature Programme
15:45 - 16:15 Afternoon Tea
16:15 - 17:00 Gender Equality
Moderator: Tiana Epati (New Zealand)

Keynote Address by Baroness Helena Kennedy (UK)
"Towards gender equality"

17:00 - 17:30 Closing and Entertainment