Sofia Zlottkowska-Eddy

Having thought a lot, I’m still not sure how to begin this piece. I feel so privileged to have been exposed to so many ideas, so many thoughts, to have heard from so many inspiring women and men about topics which they are clearly passionate about. Simply, there is too much to chose a singular beginning to focus on. As a first-year law student, I feel like a fly on the wall.

Something that sticks out to me is the emphasis and elevation of indigenous issues which the conference brought forth, a topic which prior to I had only a surface understanding. Furthermore, how far women have come in society, yet still how far there is to go – especially for poor women and women of minority groups. Gathering my thoughts, the key idea which I have taken away from this is on values: which values are emphasised, by whom, and upon what and whom. How integral this is to the law, in its creation and especially in its application. How values, and an understanding of values, ensure that justice is truly achieved. Justice in its purest form, fairness, indivisible from the law, yet separate to politics. Rapidly, we live in an ever-more globalised society, and this conference is a prime example of the benefits of such – that even in the age of the pandemic we are able to gather like this. The harmonisation of such an event, as well – even in the diversity, there is a communal goal – human advancement in regards to the application of justice.

Coming away from this, I feel like I have a more holistic view of the judicial process and the role of justice in society.