Marta Paz

Marta Paz was, in the Association of Women Judges of Argentina, Deputy Secretary of the Commission Directive for the period 2017 - 2019 and since 2015 Delegated by the Buenos aires city. She was tireless companion in the Defense of human rights of women and introduction of gender perspective in power Judicial. We share some important points to highlight of her long and honorable career. She was a fellow of the Government of Japan (JICA) and a grant holder from the government of USES. for the Program Visitor Leadership International, Fight against Domestic and Gender Violence; Speaker of the Chamber of her in 2010 and uninterruptedly between 2013 and 2016.Since 2017 she was the person in charge of the Office for Women and Domestic Violence of the Judicial Branch of the Buenos aires city; she distinguished by her commitment against gender violence in the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital, where she promoted through an amparo the claim for the effective fulfillment of the mandatory female quota in the lists for the elective positions of her in 2001; vice president of the Argentine Association of Constitutional Justice, and director of the Institute of Gender of her.